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    I just finished this after it was one of the main motivations for me getting a PS3 towards the end of the last year. I was seriously unimpressed with the first game, yeah its a looker but enemies who are simply bullet sponges and move like Neo out of the path of your bullets just made the game frustrating for me.

    On the whole, the sequel improved all that I disliked about the first but it definitely outstayed its welcome with me on the last few levels, it just stopped being fun.

    For me the review scores just don't add up to the game I played, it just wasn't the experience I expected but hell what do I know. I completed Crysis 2 before it, and on a second run after it and for me, Crysis 2 is an infinitely better game and experience. Probably not a popular idea, but I know what I like.
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