#4335002, By Trendyninja Continuing problems with Xbox Live following the NXE update...

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    That's weird with you not being able to select optimal resolution via HDMI as I can. I wonder what's going on there?

    Anyway, I was having this problem with very slow guide response after pressing the centre button on the controller. Cycling through my friends list to see who was online used to freeze it up for about 30 seconds. Very frustrating, and then I started to notice that when Saints Row 2 was loading the screen would freeze and the music would loop for a few seconds.

    I decided to do a system maintenance on the hdd (clear cache technique) and so far NXE has been running super slick, with no lock ups or freezes. Friends list loads immediately too.

    Anyway for those not in the know here is how to perform the system maintenance for the hdd.

    Go to system settings and then select memory.
    Press Y on the HDD symbol
    Then press X,X,Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X,X.
    Once you do this a messsage will appear saying: Do you want to perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices?
    Performing this function will also clear any software updates

    As I say, worked a treat for me.
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