#4103006, By Charroux What do you atheists do on Christmas day?

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    Chopsen wrote:
    Thing is tho, nobody is really a "strong" atheist. Well, apart from bloody minded weirdos and adolescents who are out to piss off their parents. I'm sure even "hardline" atheism arkward squad members like Dawkins would say "fair enough" if Jesus Christ Superstar really DID come down from heaven on a yamaha.

    "Strong" atheists mainly only exist in the mind of some theists who feel the need to conceptualise atheism as some kind of equivalent alternative to their own belief system. It breaks down as a valid standpoint because EVERYBODY is a strong atheist about SOME god or other, by definition.

    Strong atheism is about belief, not knowledge ("I *believe* there is no God"). Plenty of people are strong atheists. I am one, for example. I don't know if a god exists, but I don't believe it's a equally likely either way :)

    However, you can be a strong atheist and be prepared to change your beliefs when confronted with evidence to the contrary.

    As an analogy, I strongly believe that I won't die when crossing the road tomorrow. Of course, I'm fully prepared to be wrong about that :)
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