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    Kefka - A change from your typical villian, this maniacal clown doesn't actually want anything; he isn't out to get money, land or revenge - he just wants to destroy everything in the world, and kill as many people as possible in the process. And he does it all while prancing on and off screen like a pantomime villain... accompanied by catchy music.

    Sephiroth - Maybe the constant appearances have lessened his impact, but I still think Sephiroth is a classic villain. The storyline starts off in pursuit of taking down the evil Shinra corporation, and it isn't until several hours later when you find the big boss at the head of it all lying dead in his office with a sword through his back that you realise there's a bigger threat out there.
    Also as someone said earlier, I liked how Cloud explains Sephiroth's backstory for the rest of the group and shows how he used to be a resepcted soldier and influence to the main character, but is now his mortal enemy. There are times when you wonder if Cloud and Sephiroth are really that different and if Sephiroth is a victim in a way, as they've both been through similar circumstances and experimentation.
    He has two iconic scenes which everyone remembers him for; the infamous walking through the flames scene at Nibelheim, and (spoiler tagged just in case, but who doesn't know by now) the death of Aerith which cements his reputation as pure evil; he murders one of your party and probably the most innocent and wholesome one of the group, right before your very eyes.
    Finally, he has such an epic theme tune :) Oh and another very ominous one in several scenes.

    Liquid Snake - Maybe it's the accent :) "Hello brother!" Also Psycho Mantis, Ocelot and Gray Fox. Actually lots of MGS villains are good.

    Most of the Phoenix Wright villains, for their many humourous lines, ridiculous motives, and great character sprites.

    Also, although I won't write essays for them, The Turks, Glados, Wesker, Pyramid Head, Lan Di, and Magus.
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