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    A rather disparate collection of video games tonight made for my first "proper" gaming session in a while... A good little line-up that will hopefully rekindle my love for the medium, which took a bit of a hit recently when I over done it!

    Nah, I'll never lose my lustre for the pastime, just needed a break for a bit. Anyway, picked up Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing on the 360 today - its finally available once again new on the platform. Its been reprinted on the "Classics" label if anyone elese is interested.... Don't know why it was so hard to get new as the Wii and DS versions are everywhere.

    It plays excellently too. Really really enjoyable to play. Great graphics and some excellent tracks. I like the handling too. Its not as tight as you'd ideally like, but its still very good and the game is very accessible. Easily the best non-Mario kart racer since the seminal Diddy Kong Racing. Challenging as well.

    Next up, I dusted off my digital download of Guwange. Got this about a fortnight ago and enjoyed it for a day or two. Put it back on tonight and blasted my way through it again a couple of times. A really really good shooter, and the "Xbox 360 Arrange mode" is great craic to play in this mode, though its quite easy (unlike the Arcade mode). I very nearly 1cc'd the game in this mode on my first go at it in earnest. I highly recommend the game anyway.

    Last, but by no means least, I cracked open my other new pick-up of the day - Ghost Squad, for the Wii. I got it brand new in HMV for 6 factory sealed. I've been meaning to get this for a very long time now, and it did not disappoint! Well worth the price.

    Ghost Squad is very short at only 3 missions in length, but when you replay the stages they change, and there are multiple paths through them. Most imprortanly though its brilliant fun to play. The shooting is extremely satisfying. A cracking little game.

    Sega has ported the arcade game but has added so much more the the experience. Its well worth dropping into your local HMV to see if its available there....
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