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  • MrVengeance 9 Aug 2011 13:03:12 135 posts
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    I've been enjoying some excellent high-jinks on my now repaired Dreamcast console.

    I bought quite a lot of DC games last spring, but never got round to playing some of them as I got distracted by my DS. The DC starting going nuts so I just left the machine for a while, but have fixed it now (hopefully anyway) and have been playing stacks of wonderful games for it. Sega really is one of the greatest ever games developers in my opinion. The amount of fun and enjoyent I've gotten from Sega games down through the years... and the DC provides some of the best thrills Sega have to offer.

    Games like Sega Rally 2, Virtua Tennis, Ferrari F355 Challenge and Virtau Fighter 3tb have been keeping me busy this last few nights. The likes of Capcom vs SNK and the masterpiece that is Soul Calibur have been keeping me out of trouble as well.

    What has really surprised me however is Sega GT. I bought this at the tailend of my DC spending last year and didn't give it much attention at all. I think I probably turned it on and played it once back then. Terrible. Why? Because its actually really really frickin' good, thats why!

    The graphics have dated however. They are low detailed and a little bit dull. The cars don't look great at all. What makes it such an enjoyable game however is the the excellent handling and fantastic course designs. Its very smooth to play as well. Just driving around on the tracks for laps is so much fun. A fantasticly well designed car game it has to be said. Easily up there with the best the DC has to offer, driving-wise.
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