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    3 Saturn favourites for company this evenng: Soukyugurentai, Radiant Silvergun and Daytona USA.

    The latter, whilst technically unsound to say the least, is fucking brilliant. Its got a lot of graphical issues, but even though its dirt cheap, its just as much fun as its its more expensive bed-fellows this evening.

    What makes Daytona USA more than the sum of its parts, and superior to its subsequent Saturn and Dreamcast remakes, is its handling. Pure and simple, it is perfect. Playing racing games on a d-pad isn't easy, but somehow the developers of this game, back in the day, nailed it.

    The track design is also excellent in Daytona USA, though the third and last location in the game, whilst an amazing race course, is maybe a step too far for the hardware. The first course, whilst incredible simple on paper, has incredible nuance in its design, which is all based on an incredibly tricky turn before its main straight. Trying to take this bend as fast as possible without hitting the wall or oversteering will keep you busy for weeks, if you are into arcade racing and time trials. Approach it fast and exit slow, or approach it slow and accellerate early? Which line should you take going into it? How tight should your drift be??? I personally could spend all day just racing this circuit alone. I've had this disc ages but it still never fails to entertain. What a corner.

    Daytona USA isn't quite as good as Sega Rally, which I consider a masterpiece, but its not far off. That Sega Rally has even better handling and course design says it all really about just how astounding that particular game is. Perhaps I'll wax lyrical about that some other time...

    In the meantime, Daytona USA has to be played by everyone who enjoys the genre - and its about a fiver too which makes it unmissable really if you have a Saturn.
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