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    It's been a quiet year for me in terms of gaming (I've not played anything since The Witcher 2 on 360!).

    Well a few weeks a go I finally got tired of staring at the new releases and seeing nothing that took my fancy and decided to look back on some releases that I'd missed so I'm currently playing the following:

    Ridge Racer Unbounded

    Of the three it's RR Unbounded that has really grabbed me, Edge's review is spot on in my opinion but I can't say I was expecting anything less from the studio that bought us the FlatOut series, Ultimate Carnage is probably my favourite arcade racer of this entire generation!

    Syndicate I picked up again because of who developed it, the Riddick games as well as the original Darkess really grabbed me and I've followed Starbreeze ever since, unfortunately Syndicate doesn't quite live up to those games' legacy, there are flashes of Starbreeze's signature brilliance and it's a prefectly competent shooter with some nice ideas but I can't shake the feeling that it was rushed out the door...

    Bayonetta is a game I've tried to play in the past generally because of the reviews it recieved upon release along with the fact that I love me a good hack and slash but for whatever reason it's never grabbed me and unfortunately it seems the same is true today, I think maybe it's the setting...?
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