#9181096, By Monsieur_Blade What are you currently playing?

  • Monsieur_Blade 26 Nov 2012 10:19:40 455 posts
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    Halo 4 - started this at the weekend and boy is it a pretty game!  reminds me of a much better looking halo ce so far.  I've just got to level 3 and enjoying it so far but I'm yet to be blown away. The cutscenes feel very epic though!

    Wrc 3 - uhmed and ahhed about this for a while but really glad i bought it now. Getting stuck into a full rally season has actually got me far more engrossed than forza has ever managed.

    Gears of war 3 - enjoying playing through the campaign so far but I've put it on hold the last few days cos I've been too engrossed in halo 4.  played a few team death matches and it really is addictive.... And i haven't even tried horde or beast mode yet!
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