#9204027, By dancingrob What are you currently playing?

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    taking a break from my usual 'one main game / one filler game at a time only' so have quite a lot on the go

    Kinect Adventures - I grabbed a Kinect cheaply, mainly for kids games, but have been playing KA as well. It's rubbish

    Puzzle Quest 2 - nothing like as good as PQ1, and without the charm of that game, you're left with a mediocre puzzle game. I'm very glad it's almost over, and certainly won't be touching it again after it's ended

    The Walking Dead - I'd played through the first 3 episodes before a bug caused the deletion of my save game. Restarted from the beginning yesterday, but due to fat fingered-ness kept dying at the first point you can die, and ended up being kicked back 10 minutes to the very start. Will try again tonight.

    Rayman Origins - first platform game I've played for ages, and makes a really nice change of pace from the adventure-y/shooty things I've otherwise been playing this year. I can see why it's so highly rated, but I'm not quite sure whether platformers are my 'thing' any more.

    Forza 2 - fancied a driving game, and I'd never really got very far with this so played some more. It's whetted my appetite for a new driving game really!

    Gears 2 - cleared off all the horde achievements except the last one, and intending to start an insane co-op playthrough shortly

    Once again, I've decided that one main game / one filler certainly works better for me, as when I'm playing this much, I feel I get nowhere with any of it, but nevermind...
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