#9262135, By repairmanjack What are you currently playing?

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    Resi 6.

    Finished Leon's campaign - dragged in the middle, but reasonably bearable Some tedious boss battles though.

    Midway through Chris' campaign. Gears of War really was the worst thing to happen to the Resident Evil series, because - whilst it's better than the demo, thanks to them patching the fucking awful camera - this is merely a very clunky cover-shooter now.

    I was expecting to hate the melee-based third campaign, but as I managed to do more damage as Leon with hand to hand (four bullets to the head doesn't put down some zombies now?!), it's actually the most efficient way of playing. Which suggests it's a tad broken.

    Oh, really didn't appreciate random wankers invadiing my game, a la Dark Souls. Turned that off very quickly.

    I still think Operation Raccoon City is the far better game. (Oddly, it's probably my most played title of the year.)
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