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    YenooR wrote:
    Just started The Witcher 2. Fuck me the tutorial for combat is hard.
    Make sure to get the further rolls skill and the backstab reduction skill as soon as you can, they make a huge difference.

    And rolling is indeed one of the key elements of W2's combat, as is blocking.

    Preparation is also a very important in W2: if you continually charge into groups of enemies sword a-swining wildly you WILL die a lot. A hell of a lot.
    Instead drink potions before combat, apply oils to your sword, place traps, toss a bomb into the group at the start, Hex one enemy, Aard another then Quen yourself, etc.

    If you do it properly you should never have to fight more than one enemy at a time, will kill them far quicker and take less damage.
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