#9294477, By chrisno21 What are you currently playing?

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    Borderlands 2 - in co-op with the other half, she seems to really enjoy it despite not being a gamer - the humour helps. Haven't started the DLC yet but am very close to the end of tha main story - only Jack to go, but will do the DLC now beforehand.

    Far Cry 3 - started last night, after an iffy start where i was caught 3 times on escape where all i did was do as I was told and the AI started glitching. Into the main game it's been great so far.

    Assassins 3 - when i'm fed up of pew-pew'ing. Still Haytham and I quite like him. The trophies are all uninspired as I can never be bothered with 100%ing the sequences and thus all collectibles aren't worth the effort either now (not that trophies are worth it anyway).

    New Little Kings Story - this is great, very addictive and a game I try to not play before bed as I tend to lose at least an hour in a ten-minute play.

    ZombiU - Great atmosphere, so good I find it difficult to find a good time to play it. Last time i did it bugged out and crashed the system and with no autosaves I lost about an hours play and haven't been back since.

    I have a lot to finish before NiNoKuni arrives and I've not started Hitman yet.
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