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    Highborn chapter 1, on Android

    Took some faffing about with a French credit card to buy the bloody thing (Amazon don't let people from my country buy their apps yet), but finally got all three chapters.

    I was under the impression that it would be somewhat like Fire Emblem. But it really isn't, aside from cosmetic similarities.

    For one thing, so far it's been almost laughably easy. The AI is stupid, and most of the units are pretty disposable. You lose if the hero units die, but the other ones are not unique or special. If you lose one, then you get it back after a few turns from one of the towns you captured. At first I was being really conservative, but it wasn't necessary, as there is no experience or reward for keeping things alive. Maybe it gets harder in the last few missions, but yeah.

    Speaking of missions, there are only about 10 or so in the campaign. The next two chapters also give you 10 apiece, but even then it feels slight. Particularly since there's no single-player skirmish mode for some reason.

    I was also under the impression that the game was funny. There have been a few laughs, but mostly it reminds me of that guy everyone knows who feels the need to make every single fucking thing coming out of his mouth into some witty wisecrack. It's trying way too hard to be wacky, and gets tiresome.

    But I will keep playing to finish it, in the hopes that it will challenge me more. But I haven't been too impressed so far.

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