#9717736, By DUFFMAN5 What are you currently playing?

  • DUFFMAN5 14 Jul 2013 13:08:10 22,709 posts
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    Finished FUSE yesterday (well gave up at last boss fight!)
    This weather is not good for gaming, I have no energy once the kids are in bed, but I might start something tonight. I have pulled my back, so not up to much over the next couple of days I feel.
    I could finish off Infamous 2, I think I must be just over 50% in or...
    Batman AC 3%in
    MGS3 HD (psn yesterday) total fav of the MGS's, excellent game, I last played upon release on the ps2
    SR2 (psn) already cleared on 360, but love the online modes.
    SR3, (psn) already cleared on 360
    BF3, not likely
    Viva Pinata TiP, have watched my daughter play the "free" mode for a few weeks now, looks fun and relaxing, but I would play the "campaign"
    BL2, only ever played for a few hours, I have all DLC

    I know it will be none of the above ;)
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