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    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

    It's OK, but the menu/inventory system must have been dreamt up by a lunatic. Anything involving the inventory takes an age. And the game runs like a one-legged dog on my PS3. I dread running into enemy spellcasters as, what with my spell effects and theirs on the screen, the frame rate slumps, and I even had single figure frame rates in one area. It was like the PS3 Skyrim bug all over again.

    The 'Shadow of the Colossus'-esque battles are great though, and I love the game world. But I hate the constant respawning, especially in dungeons that I've cleared before. I would have liked to have seen Skyrim's system of being able to clear an area and be done with it.

    To end on a positive though, I love the way you can influence the conclusion of some of the missions, not to mention the way the game doesn't hold your hand to say "You have a good, evil or sarcastic option for completing the quest". It leaves you to try things and figure it out for yourself.
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