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    Allow me to kick-start the Sims 3 discussion with some abso-fucking-lutely blatant self-promotion:

    Kikizo interview with Ben Bell, Executive Producer

    Couple of snippets:

    ...let's say love the Sopranos and you want to put Tony Soprano in the game, see what it would be like to live alongside Tony Soprano. You can put him in the game, make him "Mean-Spirited", make him evil, give him the "Kleptomaniac" trait, and then you can see what his life is like - give him the "Criminal" career. He'll come over to your house, yell at you, threaten you, because he has the Mean-Spirited trait, if you're not looking he's going to snatch your stuff... so you get to see what life is like living next to a homicidal criminal.

    I found some of the stuff he had to say about videogame story-telling quite intriguing:

    ...you'll find that when people talk about their characters, sometimes they'll talk about them in third person, sometimes they'll talk about them in first person - they'll switch point of view like an author would. It's really interesting.

    Apparently you don't have to mollycoddle your creations as much as in previous Sims:

    ...if you choose to focus on one Sim in that household, the other Sims will just maintain, they'll be OK. They're not going to pass out, they're not going to die, they're not going to freak out, they're not going to go to the bathroom on the floor. So what you can do as a player is just focus on your story, take your Sim where you want them to go, sort of fulfil their destiny.

    There's a free extra town to download at launch, too. Hope some of that's worth reading :)
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