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    I have a brilliant Idea might try it on the Sims 2 now!! Its kinda like the Lezzer idea but,
    Make a Woman that wear's low cut tops high skirt e.g She is a slut. So all the men come over to her house then have a Dungeon sorty of thing in the Basment!! She invites the men down there, there having fun! Then she runs back to her own house and takes away the door and leaves all the men down there until all the men in the neighbour hood are down there!!

    OMG I thought of this as i was typing that part ^

    She gets one woman and gets the men to get her pregnant over and over, then she has her own sewer people!!! And then she would pick one Child of the sewer people to take her place and it would continue forever.. unless they all die!! Im going to work on it on the Sims 2 now!!

    p.s Cant wait til Friday!!
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