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    So. Next question.

    Any of you ever found someone incredibly attractive intellectually, but not particularly physically? It's not the love-declaration girl - it's another Soulmate woman who I met, had a great night with, but nothing happened. Have now met again a few times, as mates. She's pretty, but she's a lot larger than I'd normally go for. Not Jerry Springer fat, but large enough to mean that I wouldn't usually be interested.

    But intellectually, I find her really, really sexy. Just the right mix of intelligence, cynicism, stroppiness,humour.

    Without wanting to sound arrogant, I'm 95% sure she's interested. Went out for a drink on Thurs, and since then she's made a couple of quietly flirty comments.

    Not an issue for now - I'm going to see what happens with the I-love-you girl - but it's making me ponder. Anyone really wanted to get naked with someone you don't neessarily want to see naked?
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