#4108074, By Ferral Anyone whos played Mafia on the PC back in 2001/2002

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    Love this game to this day, still have the origional sitting on my shelf and its imaculate.

    Hardest level was definately the race, but the level where you have the shootout in the multi storey garage was equally as tough.

    The last patch for it allowed you to set the dificulty of the race to make it easier to get past. If you kept it on the normal skill level though there was a way to win by a shortcut. Go round the twisty bit near the start then down the long straight. As the road turns right there are some rocks blocking another bit of road on the left. Carefully go past these obstructions and it brings you out near the lap marker, rinse and repeat and you can win the race easily!

    Havn't played it for a while so might install it this aft, love the game to bits. Ending was really cool. If you watch to the end of the credits it finishes off with an extra vid sequence which hits you really hard.
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