#4112406, By MrObycyek Grave Of The Fireflies (this film makes me so sad)

  • MrObycyek 8 Dec 2008 14:24:25 564 posts
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    There is a film on late tonight on Channel 4 called "Grave Of The Fireflies" and in my opinion it is the most upsetting movie I have ever seen. I only watched this for the first time on Film4 a few months ago and it just broke Mr.Obycyeks heart. If there is anyone still up at the time I would suggest you watch it. Very few films have the power this one does.

    Part of me wishes I had never watched it because everytime I think about it fills me with sadness. I must be getting soft in me old age. However the other part of me is glad I watched it and I think it is the best anti-war movie ever made. It's in Me top ten alongside The Thing that's for sure.
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