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    I use the MH-C9000 charger from Maha/Powerex. Not cheap, but the facilities it has are stunning. It can charge at the rate you want, so you can fast charge or slow charge. It also breaks in new batteries and matches them, so you can use sets of batteries with similar capacities. It can fix old batteries by cycling them through a discharge/recharge cycle for as long as you want. You won't need another charger again once you have this one.

    MH-C9000 at Nevada Radio

    As far as batteries go, I've got a selection of Powerex, Sony "PowerCycle", some Sanyo Eneloops and a load of Uniross. The Powerex, Sony and Sanyo batteries are the new, efficient, low discharge types that keep up to 85% of their capacity for up to a year. I use the Powerex ones in my Wiimotes, as the Uniross ones were usually dead as soon as I wanted to use the Wii. The Powerex ones last for ages, and don't get drained when you don't use the controller. The Powerex ones are 2000mAh and last waaaaay longer than all of the 2700mAh batteries I have. I've just got the Eneloops (from Amazon) as I needed some more AA's and all the reviews of them are excellent.

    Hope this helps.
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