#4152449, By Picnic Barry Chuckle named as new African leader

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    I've written about 6 spoof news articles. Here's another I wrote:


    Barry Chuckle, half of TV's popular 'Chuckle Brothers' duo, has been announced as the new leader of the Woloboms. Mr Chuckle was made chief of the ancient African tribe in a ceremony lasting just over an hour. Hailing his indefatigable courage and persistence in the face of adversity that has befallen him on an almost weekly basis, the tribe elders gave Mr Chuckle, the younger of the brothers, their ringing endorsement in a testimony that brought tears to the eyes of all who witnessed it on the dusty hillside of the Serengeti Plains.

    His long time comic partner and brother Paul Chuckle was unable to attend the ceremony after a freak accident in which a carelessly discarded cigarette set light to a length of rope which was suspending a 100kg counterbalanced weight directly positioned above his left foot. Mr Chuckle was recuperating last night in his Salford mansion.

    Paul and Barry Chuckle began their showbusiness careers in 1982 as 'The Doowit Persuasion', a faux New Romantic stage act containing elements of magic and burlesque. But they struggled to compete against newcomers such as TV's Wayne Dobson. Paul briefly returned to his old job as a cannonball tester whilst Barry attempted to get his illustrations of typewriter ribbons published in trade magazines.

    Memorable appearances on ITV's 'The Krypton Factor' and Jimmy Tarbuck's 'Full Swing' caught the eye of television producer Phil Leckie, who dubbed them the 'new Morecambe and Wise' and he asked them to come up with a 'children's show for all ages' . 'Chucklevision' was an immediate success and was exported to 37 countries, narrowly missing out on a coveted Golden Rose of Montreux award.
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