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    Fallout 3 grabbed me more than any other game this year, which is especially unusual seeing as I wasn't all that impressed when I first stuck it in the disc drive. Perhaps it was because I've never been so enamoured by beauty in such a twisted, broken setting. It could have been the eerie, post-apocalyptic, open world that just begs you to explore every inch of its depraved splendour, from the bizarre oasis hosting a talking tree in the north to the Ghoul-infested subways of the south. Possibly it was the massive amount of detail that Bethesda included in that world, where everything you find has a point, every abandoned shack has a story behind it, and every quest took a nosedive into the unexpected.

    Or maybe it was the experimental MIRV weapon that shot eight nuclear warheads simultaneously (most entertaining weapon in a game since SiN's nuclear rocket launcher). Never before have I had so much fun nuking myself in the foot.

    I'm not sure what it is. I am sure that it's my favourite game of 2008 though.
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