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    pjmaybe wrote:
    I know she's a flabby old mare but she somehow looks like she'd be a dorty beast on the job (Lowry I mean)


    Peej,Bill Door,blek&tomrowley and other Lowri Turner fanciers.
    Some inside knowledge.Between her marriages, my flatmate who's a young backfroom TV biz stud 20 years her junior hada brief but wild fling with La Turner, who took a shine to him....
    1-She let him film her giving him a BJ on his moby and he showed it to some of us pals.Turner does keep her eyes open but swallows deeply rather than have face job.Although her eyes did flutter wildly at the climactic moment! We dubbed her Lowri Lovelace in tribute to her perfomance.Can't watch her mouth spouting off on TV now without remembering the footage.

    2-My pal, who is good looking,a bit of a babe magnet whio usually pulls model types his own age, was tickled with the minor celebrity bed notch when Turner came onto him. He says she has humungous tits which were probably fantastic in her younger, pre-mum days and a fattish arse, but compensated for that with her enthusiasm in the sack. But a real ego tripper,he told us. Liked to shag in front of a full-length mirroer so she could sere herself on the job. Fave positions:Her on top, dictating the pace or being done doggy-style(appropriate?) in front of the mirror. Turner also insisted my pal kept telling her she was the best shag of his life while they were performing which was far from the truth but he went along with to keep her happy.
    Finally, from being in the next door bedroom a few times, I can tell you guys Lowri isn't a screamer, she's a G-girl.That's gasp, groan and grunt...particularly grunt! Her agricultural grunts as the Big O approached were like a busy farmyard, usually finished off with a torrent of loud F-words(fantastic usually added to the four-letter one!) as she came.
    Yeah, quite a dirty bird,Turner.Hope that helps,guys.
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