#4184849, By dirigiblebill Mistwalker's "Cry On" is cancelled

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    Hmmm, interesting - kind of like Fable 2 or Harvest Moon's in-game community stuff, but you interact with that community in a more hands-off, Sims-ish sort of way, then? Persona 3 or 4's daytime relationships would be one comparison, I suppose, and isn't there a PSP RPG in development which sets you up as an Angel of Death or something, following mortals around and dealing with (read: beating on) their personal demons?

    Dwarf Fortress works a lot like this, actually, except the point is less to save an established, decaying society so much as to build one from the ground up till the number of social and material variables it contains hits an event horizon, then just watch the thing disintegrate. It's a nihilistic experience, but a fun one all the same...
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