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    FutileResistor wrote:
    I'm with Pear. Almost everyting in the store is discounted to some degree.
    You can't post that without the boilerplate about not buying anything besides giant packs on a standard discount until the last day in case it turns up for less in a daily. Someone might sue you.

    Can't speak for anyone else, but I'm certainly not complaining. There's a barrel of stuff already been discounted I want to play - I just have most of it. Have still bought Garshasp at idle curiosity price and Heroes pack (don't especially want HoMaM V, but I might get around to it and the price difference between that and just Dark Messiah, which I've been meaning to get forever, was negligible). Only thing now I think I'd be that likely to spring for is 50%-ish off Frozen Synapse, but it's probably a bit new for that.

    Revising, I don't think I meant "fatigue" before, exactly - more that there's no sense you're getting any kind of extraordinary bargain picking up decent video games for 2 here and 5 there. That's just what they cost these days, assuming you can be bothered to watch for the temporary discounts. Part of the race to the bottom thing Vogel likes complaining about. Might be unhealthy long-term, but I don't know, and would be far too weak-willed to insist on buying things at full price, even if I were sure this kind of discounting is a bad idea.

    On which note, I suspect this is wrapped in NDAs, but does anyone know if money moves about when you use this promotion's free junk tokens? I assume it's just an exposure thing. Contradicting myself, I might wait and buy the SpaceChem DLC.

    Sharzam wrote:
    Dont know if anyone cares what with the steam sales on, but Origin have a couple things of note

    Alice: Madness Returns - 19.99 (not bad for a new launch title)
    Yep, or you could get it for 15 from zavvi, amazon or miscellaneous other online retailers. Plug the serial into Origin and you'll get download access, to boot (not verified - this is how EADM has worked for a while, but I don't know if it always applies). I suppose the extra fiver's worth it if you're anxious to be playing it this evening.
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