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    The Last Remnant
    I've been playing this over the last couple of days having bought it in the sale. It's actually really, really good. The story is complete nonsense, but the battle system is quite superb. Learning how unions move and interact with each other is really rewarding, and the battles are actually a real challenge at times unlike most JRPGs. The only issue with it is that the way the game tells you to level up is completely wrong and will leave you massively underpowered. It's literally impossible to beat the game's super bosses unless you plan out how and when you're going to level.
    Probably use the wiki if you want min/max-y cheese. That's an xbox link, which means it's just wrong for PC in some respects, because so many rules were tweaked between versions. I wouldn't overdo it, personally, but you'll probably have to find some balance between muddling through and just looking up what's actually going on, since it's all outrageously obfuscated. I'm quite ambivalent about the game - it's a mess, but it is an interesting mess.
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