#8600568, By the-stax Steam and direct download sales

  • the-stax 15 Apr 2012 12:26:20 18 posts
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    @StarchildHypocrethes I'm thinking of getting in on that one too, that many games for that price just seems like ridiculously good value. Even if I haven't got time or download capacity to even think about playing more than a couple of them at the moment. Might get it and then play them when I can get round to it - the main problem is I bought some of the complete D&D game bundles recently! (Icewind Dale, Baldurs Gate, etc)

    Especially tempting as one of Get Games Go's deals is Men of War Gold/Assault Squad for 38 - both games in the 1C Bundle. (Although it might not be MoW Gold, just MoW)
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