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    Well, C&C4 is absolute wank. Not getting on with that much at the moment. I've not given it much of a try, just entertained myself with the silly cutscenes and then proceeded to get to grips with it - it's OK, but nothing special. Don't get the immediate MUSTLEARNALLMICROMANAGEMENTKEYS rush I did with Starcraft 2.

    Red Alert 3 is absolutely batshit though. I love it. From the camp, poorly acted Tim Curry and George Takei videos, to the animations of some of the units (Empire's transforming mechajets!?) to the stupidly annoying but cute way Empire deploy buildings with Nanocars.

    It's not great, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't of paid full price for them, and I wouldn't even of paid the current 15 price - but at sub-4 each, I'm happy with the investment. It'll keep me entertained for a while when I've had enough of Dota2.
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