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    I hope Batman AC is good. The trouble I had to go through to buy the game yesterday.

    Our internet connection died just before midday. I restarted the router thinking it had got confused with life due to the obscene amount of games I have been downloading. Still nothing.

    We left it for 30 minutes before calling Sky. They said there was no issues in the area and it must be something at our end.

    They tested the line and that was fine. So they said it was the router and advised we buy a new one from them.

    If we bought a new router from somebody other than Sky, they will not tell you the password to connect to their line. They advised that I would have to look it up online if we wanted to go this way.

    Thankfully we know somebody with Sky broadband so we could test our line using their equipment; still nothing. However, I was able to purchase the game from their house.

    In the end it turns out it was an exchange issue. It took Sky 3 hours to find this out and call us back telling us not to buy a new router.
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