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  • Prehensile_Plant 18 Jul 2012 18:53:49 420 posts
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    Been waiting for the Carpe Fulgur Collection to go up as a Daily Deal, so I've happily just bought it. Played the Recettear demo to death and for a few more quid I got the other two games they've released. I've tried Fortune Summoners and thought it was charming, but also thought it was a bit hard. Probably because the main character moves are like a fighting game, and I've not played one of those since Tekken 3. Plenty of time to practice now with the full game. Also grabbing Isaac for under two quid.

    My first Steam Sale purchases:
    Civ V GOTY
    Carpe Fulgur Collection

    As I now have what I wanted, I can now stop sneaking glances at Steam for Android at work.
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