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    gman7714 wrote:
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    I am not entirely happy with one of my decisions in the game but that adds to the experience. You have to make choices that seemingly make a difference to the story. I missed the chance for "Duck" to become a zombie meal and how I regret it...

    Lol - I finished the 1st episode of this lastnight too and when I got to the final scene At the motel where you just chat to everyone left alive I felt the exactly the same way about Duck as you did. The fucker wont shut up :)

    Was this episode a bit stuttery in places for you (or anyone else)?
    Maybe a v-sync issue I dunno I'm not very techie?!?
    I am running the game on full settings with vsync and all was fine; I didn't see anything noticeable regarding stuttering.

    Was it stuttering during the interactive elements of the game or the 'cut scenes'?
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