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    Hey guys,

    A new bundle is on at GamersGate, some of the games have steam keys, so that might interest some of you.
    The bundle works in an unusual way, so here's a post I copied from gamersgate :

    This new bundle set contains five separate bundles, one for each week and each for 4$. With each bundle you get a 1$ off the next one so if you get 4 bundles the last one would be free. Also there is a charity involved as usual for these bundles. Nearly all these games are either on Steam or on Steam Greenlight. So you'll get Steam keys for the ones already in and also for those who pass the Greenlight trial. All of the games will be on GamersGate too but voting for them on Greenlight would certainly help.
    There is also bonus content if they pass a certain sale amount but the amount isn't clear yet. The content would be 7 games and 6 OST.

    Two points before the list:
    It's 10$ for 20 games.
    The last one is basically free if you got the rest.

    Here's the link to the bundle :


    The first week is already on, so check it out !
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