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    joeymoto108 wrote:
    Torchlight 2... so tempting!
    If you're a slight loot whore it's a must :) The late game balance is borked but otherwise the gameplay is rock solid. Pretty damn hard in places too; the dev clearly listened to the criticisms on the first one.

    I'd wholeheartedly recommend Metro 2033 at that price as well. It's aged extremely well; I've gone back to it recently because I'm reading the book and it stands up without any problems next to recent games.

    Can any civvers recommend Gods and Kings at 75% off? I already own Civ V but G & K always struck me as severely overpriced considering all concepts it adds were present in previous Civ installments.
    Even at this price I'm relunctant because it seems like a blatant case of milking the series.
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