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    PenguinJim wrote:
    No, no, Shadow of Chernobyl is great! And it's the first one! HurbleBurble is referring to the other sequel, Clear Sky, which is a reasonable game but completely worth skipping over as there are two better games set in the same place with roughly the same gameplay and weapons and graphics and we all have endless backlogs.

    STALKER games:

    1. Shadow of Chernobyl: Great!
    2. Clear Sky: Fine.
    3. Call of Pripyat: Great!

    Also, anyone who doesn't yet have Mount & Blade: Warband, go go go!

    Oh, and I'm giving away an Oblivion GOTY for Steam. The code is similar to 6TQQN-P3M8R-VH39P but I've changed the code so that it won't be grabbed by lurkers. You'll need to have read EG threads and stuff to decode it. Good luck!
    I'm not a lurker but I have no clue what that it :(
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