#4195266, By Texter how does ram speed affect performance in games?

  • Texter 30 Dec 2008 13:56:38 19 posts
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    You benefit most by having enough RAM to run a game. If you don't have enough RAM the game starts using the hard drive for extra memory, and that'll slow loading down significantly. An ample supply of RAM is so much faster than a hard disk that basically it doesn't really matter how fast it is. The loading time difference between RAM and a HD is about 30-60 seconds, between 4 year old DDR and brand spanking new DDR3 prolly about 10-15, depending on the game. So when you've got a measily 1 GB of expensive DDR3-2000 it'll still suck with most recent games because the hard drive kicks in. Life really starts at 3 GB ram, these days.
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