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    oldschoolsoviet wrote:
    valli wrote:
    sanctusmortis wrote:Yeah, can't kill the kiddlies.
    Ahh, I didn't think about the kids! (heh)

    So much for my genocide plan though. Although I would still like to give it a fair shot, like clensing Megaton or Vault 101.

    Heh. I've already "cleansed" most of the population centres, just Rivet City to go on my evil save.
    If you want a real challenge, try going back to Oblivion. Fully tooled up with daedric armour & weaponry, riding from city to city. Think I left it at an 87000 bounty, just before hitting the Imperial City.

    When you're slaughtering the residents of Rivet City, see if you can kill Harkness. I've never tried, as I always play a goodie two-shoes, and it could be that you can only knock him unconscious as he's related to a quest, but he has an advanced plasma rifle that kicks serious arse.
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