#4236217, By deannatrois Good Lord, I hate you, Pay Pal.

  • deannatrois 10 Jan 2009 08:32:15 3 posts
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    I both buy and sell using ebay and paypal. I think its swings and roundabouts. Don't like the fact that u are forced to use paypal if u use ebay.., but without ebay and paypal (and selling and buying thru them) my children's Christmas just wouldn't have happened. If you sell thru ebay.., and a buyer asks for his money back for any reason, the transaction amount is immediately put on hold which caused me some problems however silly the buyers comments. But like i said, without the system, Xmas would have been yuk this year and I think u just have to know the way it works and what not to risk doing. Every time I have had problems with ebay or paypal whether as a buyer or a seller.., its just been a lesson to learn from, not a reason to not use them anymore. Fortunately i have not lost enormous amounts of money as yet. I am not saying the system is totally fair, whether buying or selling and I do rather wish there was an alternative platform to buy and sell on to force ebay to change some strategies.., but as it stands, I do reasonably well whether buying or selling on ebay.

    On the counterfeit issue.., I was daft enough to buy a counterfeit Prada Wallet.., and DID get my money back with a bit of research that enabled me to prove the wallet was counterfeit. The seller did try to do rather a lot of ducking and diving (even down to asking me to send the wallet back so he could send it back to his supplier with my comments to 'investigate' whether it was counterfeit or not - as I did not want to send something counterfeit back to be resold - lets face it he had plenty of other wallets to send back to his supplier so the reasoning did not exactly hold up - I told him it had already gone to Trading Standards. End of emails from him). I did get my money back pretty quickly.
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