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    MasterNameless wrote:
    DMJ wrote:
    The Surger gives a better head, for what it's worth.

    /has one.

    /no supermarket seems to sell Surger Guinness any more, so it's now pretty useless.

    Ahh! You have to buy special cans for it? If designed for it I guess it can work. With an ordinary pint though, it would just make it flatter... Sound like a bit much of a gimmick to me though!

    Yeah, they're silver and not available anywhere, it seems.

    Mine was a birthday present two years ago. I haven't used it for over a year as it does nothing with regular cans.

    MasterNameless wrote:
    DMJ wrote:
    Guinness Extra Cold is The Drink of Champions.

    Bah humbug! Plain old guiness all the way, there was never anything wrong with it, it didn't need fixing!

    But... it's really cold. :) I actually get a little annoyed now when pubs only have regular Guinness. I enjoy Extra Cold a lot more, probably because I drank more of it at uni than anything else. Four years of never having to eat!
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