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    PearOfAnguish wrote:
    Ged42 wrote:
    I think maybe a greater sense of history to the dungeons, especially the Ayleid and fort ruins. They did it a bit with Fallout 3 with the odd computer terminal hinting at events before the bombs fell.

    Absolutely. These incidental details are really important for atmosphere in RPGs. They worked great in Deus Ex, for example, and were notably absent from Invisible War. Same goes for Morrowind and Oblivion. I remember stumbling across a skeleton crushed under a rock in some dungeon in Morrowind, with a note beside it that the guy wrote while he was dying. Had nothing to do with the plot, it was just a nice extra detail. Those family logs in Fallout 3 were excellent as well.

    The audio log to little moonbeam in F3, it had me nearly in tears!
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