#4249341, By jambolio L4D Tournament of Ultimate Survival (360)

  • jambolio 13 Jan 2009 16:09:02 13 posts
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    Fat_Pigeon wrote:
    HoriZon wrote:
    footwo wrote:
    Our team name is:

    "The Mike Davies Experience"

    gamertags are:

    footwo, MozMoz3000, KillingRabbit, Cortland Stark

    edit: Captain is footwo

    This is what worries some people just signing up for the site to enter this as they might not be nice people/just wont show up and cause porblems.

    At least the rest of us have been around for sometime on EG!

    maybe should be EG exclusive

    say him with the massive 26 post count!

    I says little these days, but I have been lingering like a bad smell on the boards for many moons.
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