#4424174, By w1ntermute L4D Tournament of Ultimate Survival (360)

  • w1ntermute 24 Feb 2009 00:20:38 76 posts
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    I'd say 'good game' but it wasn't really.

    We got nubbed. Bit of dodgy smoker placement and just plain bad luck. Were you moving those witches by any chance?

    Team l4ds cracked after the first few maps and suffered group mass hysteria. Really getting into the post apocalyptic spirit of things.

    Man of the match was our 'Hamhock' who took it upon himself for the good of the team and actually became John J. Rambo.

    I miss the thrill of the 'group 4 matches' and the pre and post lobby banter about wanking and calpol.

    Well, its been fun. Be interesting to see the end results.
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