#4439711, By w1ntermute L4D Tournament of Ultimate Survival (360)

  • w1ntermute 27 Feb 2009 09:06:00 76 posts
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    As an observer to this debacle, I'd say the parrots are getting some unfair treatment here.

    The tank bug on NM5 was stated in the rules before this tournament went underway so each team knows this is a condition to restart the round. We even experienced it during one of our matches and both teams dutifully returned to the lobby to rematch.

    I've never heard of a tank spawning off a building.

    It's unfair, but so are a lot of other conditions that similar teams have experienced in this tournament and those have been put down as 'bad luck'. Tanks spawning behind impassable objects (fence in corn field BH5) and unintentional instakills.

    To restart each round when a bug is experienced that isn't stated as a major common bug is ridiculous.

    To change the rules for this condition during the knockout rounds of a tournament seems a bit like sour grapes to me.

    Come on Parrots. Sort em out.
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