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    StarchildHypocrethes wrote:
    Where are people getting the view that Renault 'knowingly' sent out a dangerous car from? I may have missed something somewhere, but I find it hard to believe they would do that, as they must have known the race would have then been over and and I doubt they'd purposely want to endanger their driver and any others.

    The video replays make it fairly cut and dried. The guys working on the right front tyre are fucking around trying to get the nut and spinner assembly to click into place when the car is released - as he drives away the whole thing is basically yanked out of their hands. They knew that the wheel wasn't fully attached, and the gun-man had his hand up to signal a problem, but the lollipop guy released Alonso anyway.

    It was a fuck-up by the pit team - the lollipop guy didn't do his job properly, he was only watching the fuel hose and not the other members of the crew. It was then compounded by allowing him to get the whole way down the lane and rejoin the race with his wheel falling off, although admittedly god knows how long it takes for info to get from the pit crew to someone who can actually radio the driver.

    That said, the penalty is harsh. I haven't seen them hand down a race ban in years - it's doubly harsh on Piquet and his team, who weren't even involved.

    Bit of an odd weekend for adjudications all in all - I was incredibly surprised that Webber didn't get a penalty for being released right into Raikonnen's path in the pit lane (there was no contact, but they issued penalties several times last year for similar incidents where there was no contact - it's dangerous, and the lack of contact was purely down to luck), and found it a bit odd that Raikonnen didn't get a drive-through for doing exactly the same thing off the starting line that earned Webber a drive-through last week.

    Then again, they seemed to be having a hard enough time just keeping their timing boards live, let alone doing decent stewarding :)
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