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    Lewis Hamilton is an immense talent. If you had followed him throughout his career you would appreciate that. I've watched F1 for twenty years and there have been a lot of very fast drivers but only once in a while does someone truly exceptional come along. Someone that can seem to do things in car that no one else can. For me personally in that time there has been Senna, Schumacher and now Hamilton.

    I appreciate the fact that he entered F1 with a very good car but he earnt that through his performances in the junior categories. Also is everyone forgetting that in his very first year he nearly won the championship and outraced his hugely experienced and highly rated double world champion team mate? No one was expecting that.

    People say he doesnt appreciate how good he has had it but just what do you expect him to do? Give a little speech each time he's on TV stating that? It just seems to me that there is a lot of irrational hate for him. He hasnt done anything in his career even remotely close to the despertate and dangerous lengths Senna and Schumacher went to in the pursuit of championships but yet is vilified more than they ever were.

    If you are not a fan of Hamilton I suggest you watch this
    video from his GP2 days where he went from virtually the back of the pack after spinning out to 2nd in just 22 laps. I challenge anyone to watch this and not be in awe of his talent.

    Thanks for listening and yes... WALLOFTEXT.
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