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    Shinzou wrote:
    People say he doesnt appreciate how good he has had it but just what do you expect him to do? Give a little speech each time he's on TV stating that? It just seems to me that there is a lot of irrational hate for him. He hasnt done anything in his career even remotely close to the despertate and dangerous lengths Senna and Schumacher went to in the pursuit of championships but yet is vilified more than they ever were.

    It wouldn't matter if he DID make a little speech each time he's on TV, frankly - like you say, it's all totally irrational anyway. The reality is that Hamilton has been incredibly sporting and humble the whole way through this season - the car has been shit until recently and he's always been blunt about how much improvement it needed, but he has never thrown a massive tantrum over it or acted sulky and spoiled about not having the great car he's accustomed to. By all accounts he's thrown himself into the team's work, helping wherever he can, and his reaction when the car finally started to come into its own was to praise the team and their efforts to the high heavens.

    Compare that to the fucking sulking and temper tantrums that you get from some of the other drivers in the sport - Barrichello's outburst two races ago is hardly out of character for the average F1 driver. If anything, he's been astonishingly level-headed, humble and polite the whole way through, which is a credit to him considering how young he is and how early success came in his career.

    And what does he get in response? Half the country saying he's arrogant and doesn't appreciate what he's got (without ever being able to back this up with any kind of example that's not flatly pathetic), and the other half saying he's boring, presumably because he doesn't have the trantrums and sulks that other drivers do. Who'd be a successful British sportsman, eh? As soon as you win anything the whole country queues up to call you a cunt...
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