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    Psychotext wrote:
    Actually, Hamilton has been incredibly PR managed rather than humble and sporting.

    He was incredibly PR managed the whole way through the last season, absolutely. This season he's been off the leash a lot more - particularly since Ron Dennis resigned - and I think he's come across remarkably well. You'd expect him to be frustrated as hell and really stroppy, because he's gone from being world champion to being a back-marker in every race - instead he was very calm and honest. You could tell he was disappointed but also that he wasn't having a tantrum, walking back into the garage and being a cunt to his engineers over it, which is exactly what you'd expect from someone like, say, Alonso.

    I actually like him a lot more now he's showing some of his own personality rather than being a soulless puppet.

    Definitely. He comes across really well this season, I think. It helps that the BBC isn't as obsessed with him as ITV was - they're giving equal billing to lots of drivers, and Hamilton comes off as fairly chirpy, fun and down to earth in the segments they do with him. I got a bit sick of the sight of him last year, when ITV couldn't keep him off their cameras for five seconds.
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