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    dufftownallan wrote:
    MrCarrot wrote:
    wut? Where did ecureuil mention supporting him because he's British?

    In fact, where did he even mention supporting him? He was pointing out how fucking dull this thread is when it degenerates into yes-he-is, oh-no-he-isn't pantomime wall-of-text hammy-rants.
    ok, yes, perhaps i assume too much, but his assertion that the lewis-bashing takes away from this thread annoyed me a bit, he is a part of f1 and is therefore fair game for discussion, just because he disagrees with the comments made doesnt make ablind bit of fucking difference. if he wants to contest opinion he's very welcome to.

    It's not the fact that people are saying stuff about Lewis that others disagree with that's taking away from the thread. It's more that you, specifically, keep coming back over and over again to tell us that you think he's a prick, like a broken fucking record. You're basically just trolling the thread at this stage - regular as clockwork, you're back in to say that you think Hamilton is a cunt, without ever backing that up with anything approaching a coherent or original argument.

    If you want to talk about F1, talk about F1, but if I spent the entire season posting after every single race that I think the Brawn car is painted a shit colour, you can be damned sure people would tell me to shut up before long. Change the bloody record.
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