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    Yeah I would support it going subscription based, I would have paid subs to watch F1 soley on BBC. Having it half-and-half is possible the worst result, you'll get half the story, and I personally will have to go back to the days of just tuning in purely at lights out like I did for ITV. I expect Brundle and DC to be signed up to do both commentaries - even though Brundle spoke out yesterday and said he was 'not impressed', which I thought was a nice touch.

    If it's deferred coverage we get (I dearly hope the teams can push that through) then that is less of a bitter pill. Even so, with those races the BBC will not do the whole big build up, if they have to show the races during prime time they will just get on with it. I like the build up. I think the team they have do a good job covering the sport and it's more open than it ever has been to viewers (just have to look at the F1 forum and their coverage of Vettel's win, EJ diving into the scrum to get the first interview with the world champion - that was peerless sports coverage). Watching F1 on a weekend is a fixture. Not any more.

    I still think that ultimately the BBC just have a complete vested interest in doing away with their sport, this year also the Masters coverage cut in half, these were supposed national treasures of broadcasting. No doubt they will sell the entirety of F1 in a year or two.

    They should be looking more closely at the dross they put out and all the channels they run that basically contribute nothing to the country, and moving their sports facilities up north for 900m. How is that in the public interest? Regardless of F1 being a so-called minority sport, there's 4m+ people who watch it every race, which is more than football matches get on Sky, because British viewers make up such a large part of the fanbase and they are absolutely steadfast in their viewership. For most people the only way to access the sport was via BBC. I just don't think the BBC are living upto their standards as a public broadcaster really.
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